Genres : Epic Novel - 650+ Pages

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Date: 06/24/2022
As the last starfighter in Squadron 111, only Midshipman Henry Gallant can stop the alien invasion. With the United Planets fleet on the verge of annihilation, Gallant can expect no help as he passes threatening...
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Date: 06/24/2022
You love adventure, romance, and heart-pounding excitement that gets you turning the pages. What could be better than that? All of that x 8! in one boxed set! Join the Cartwright Wilderness Outfitters as they...
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Date: 06/19/2022
Running toward danger is about to become Rosie’s full-time job. When a grizzled stranger crashes into her life and lifts the concealment that has marred her face since childhood, Rosie Avalon leaves everything she knows...
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Date: 06/15/2022
12 steamy books from bestselling authors fill this limited-time boxed set! Office romance has never been this hot. If you love an alpha CEO or a nanny romance, this one’s for you…TWELVE BOOKS INCLUDE:Neanderthal Seeks...
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Date: 06/06/2022
This collection contains all six creative writing prompt books from 2020 – a $30.00 value – for almost 66% off the cost of purchasing each individual book! Writer Every Day: The 2020 Writing Prompt Box...
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Baby, Light My Fire: A Steamy Firefighter Romance Collection by Erin Wright, Tessa Layne, Kait Nolan, J.H. Croix, Piper Rayne, Bethany Lopez

Date: 05/31/2022
Enjoy this steamy firefighter romance collection from bestselling authors!Baby, Light My Fire is a bundle of six full-length contemporary romance novels full of firefighters hotter than the flames they put out…Flames of Love (From USA Today Bestselling...
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Date: 05/20/2022
The Complete Series 13 Books in one boxed set! Clean and Wholesome American mail order bride historical western short story romance. Come and join the undertakings of Mrs. Eva Crabtree as she encounters a diversity...
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Date: 05/19/2022
Everyone has secrets… But when you find that special someone, it’s those secrets that can make or break a relationship. Six stories. Six secrets—some bad, some good—featured in these BRAND NEW STEAMY STORIES From New...
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Date: 05/13/2022
You'll get FOUR full-length novels in one boxed set, Clean and Wholesome Historical Western Romance. A new season begins in the lives of Cripple Creek’s citizens, and it’s every bit as exciting and heartwarming as...
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Date: 05/06/2022
12 Novel Bumper Mega Box Set Complete Series! Clean and Wholesome American Historical Mail Order Bride Christian Western Romance. Join this tiny town of Twin Creek's, California, which has a mystery! When the town’s brand-new...