It's the eve of an election. America is broken and the world is on the brink. A small-town shrink encounters a mysterious boy with an incredible gift. A last-chance lawyer tries to hold on to love. A group of teens in a dystopian city search for the only one who can save them from their nightmares. And a beautiful but troubled sheriff's deputy finds herself pursued by the law and something much more horrifying. Together, their fates are intertwined as they become part of the hunt for the Maji. ... America has seen better days. Unemployment is at historic levels, roaming caravans of climate refugees huddle together for safety, and the Escape drug pandemic has claimed millions of lives with no sign of slowing down. It's the eve of an election that threatens to change the country forever. If the Security party wins, it will implement a secretive AI that will be able to monitor every aspect of life. Alan Smith, a psychologist from small-town Montana, has seen it all--hell, he's no different from anyone else. So when he reluctantly agrees to do an evaluation of a troubled teen accused of a terrible crime, he expects another lost cause. What he finds instead is the enigmatic Francis Builds A Fire, a mysterious kid with an incredible gift and a terrifying secret. Now Alan must fight for his life and that of the boy who holds the key to what is to come. But is he strong enough to survive the hunt for the Maji?
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