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The Golden Throne has lain bare for thirty years. Once again, evil forces turn their gaze toward the decent kingdoms of the world, and now there's no legendary king standing in their way.Pulled from the front lines of a fool's war, Knight Mage Meeo Letlind isn't expecting a difficult mission, but she’s been wrong before. Alongside a mythic swordsmaiden and a half-dragon who’s as strong as he is cold, her team visits the hidden kingdom of the fae to investigate a gruesome string of unexplained murders. Initial evidence suggests that the human kingdoms are to blame, but are they really? When the search takes Meeo to the furthest reaches of the kingdom’s underground, she discovers a threat so ancient, and so unspeakably horrible, that she immediately becomes the target of accusations and doubt the moment she reveals her discovery. No sooner has she taken up her trusty spell bow does she find the very people she strives to protect calling for her head on a platter. Will she put this legend to rest, or will she and her team join the body count?A sword and sorcery fantasy catastrophie unlike any you've witnessed, experience shock, whimsy and awe as a tightly wound enigma is deliciously-unraveled alongside a cast of knights, fairies, little cooks and a far-too-dashing overlord. To sign up for the newsletter and discover more books, make travel to https://kellinkston.com/ for goodies, free shorts, and more!The Courts Divided Series:1: Woodcastle2: Gravetower3: Bloodkeep4: Voidthrone5: Realmgate (TBA)
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