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Become a Wicca practitioners today! Learn to cast Wicca spells to attract love, wealth, health, protection and divination in your life.Wicca holds a rich tradition of natural and supernatural solutions to the problems which people face. Sometimes referred to as magic, magick, witchcraft, or the occult, Wicca is just one branch of the kind of thinking which intrigues and fascinates so many people. With such a long history of research and practice, Wicca has the potential to empower you with the kind of abilities which you might have never imagined.Those who have devoted their lives to the art have developed an understanding which allows them to research and teach others about the long history of one of the world’s favorite branches of magick. For those who are interested in entering the world of Wicca, this guide is designed to provide you with an armory of introductory spells which can be used by beginner practitioners right away. This guide is full of the knowledge which has been accrued over the last millennia to provide you with a great starting point. Because of this, we have put together a guide which is easy for both the beginner to the world of magick and those who do not have the time to learn archaic old English. You might have expected the spells, hexes, and various elements to be written in an older form of language. This is a common misconception. For the modern witch, the exact words are not the true focus for invoking and willing the spiritual world. Instead, far more important is the feeling which the words elicit. By providing the updated language of these introductory spells, we hope that those new to Wicca will be able to get a great grasp of the basics of magic without having to dedicate themselves to learning the twisted and complicated nature of medieval witchcraft.Inside you will find:•A detailed description of the equipment you will need for casting spells;•How to prepare and be mentally ready to perform spells and magick;•Love spells including a spell to conjure romantic interest;•Wealth spells such as a simple Wiccan money spell;•Protective spells like a spell to guard against negative spirits and tips and tricks for protection using Wicca;•Healing spells as a healing spell using light;•Divination spells that uses a scrying mirror or candles; •Learn to construct your own scrying mirror!Now Scroll back up and grab your copy today!
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