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Being old ain’t easy, but it’s a lot more fun when you’re chasing a killer"Did Fate do you a solid or did it turn out to be an awful practical joke?”Over a beer, that's what 78-year-old retired LAPD cop, Ben Tucker, told his 73-year-old blogger buddy, Charlie North. Thus, the idea for a blog story was born.Charlie had picked the right life partner, a wife of 41 years. But what if Fate had chosen somebody different for him? How would his life be different?Charlie would look up his former girlfriends wherever they may be, imagine how things would have been, and write about it in his blog. He met the first old girlfriend for lunch in LA, and she dumped a bowl of yogurt on his head. Embarrassing, but he got a blog out of it.He got more blogs out of his meetings with his other two old girlfriends. Meetings sans yogurt.Then wham, Charlie finds out somebody had murdered his first girlfriend. Worse, he became a person of interest with LAPD. Somebody then murdered his other two old girlfriends; Charlie became a suspect with cops in Chicago and Miami.Cornered, Charlie investigates the first murder. He hired a private detective, Reggie Parker, the daughter of a former LAPD friend Ben Tucker. As Charlie digs up more info, he reports in his blogs.The blogs go viral, shaking up the investigations of all three murders. Charlie thinks he has the answers to the killings, and in one blog, he names who he thinks could be the killer in each murder. He promises in his next blog to provide absolute proof of who did all three murders.There’s a rousing finish at a lonely Oregon beach house where everything becomes clear, justice prevails in strange ways, and there's at least one surprise where you'll find yourself smacking the side of your head with your palm.
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