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Open to the love within and heal the toxic effects of trauma, shame, and guilt Do you struggle with important decisions? Feel depressed or anxious? Get overwhelmed, with no time to create the life you want? Help is available and closer than you think. Your inner self is untouched by trauma and judgment. It knows about your fears, what you love, and how your body reacts to daily challenges. And it’s waiting for you. Learn to partner with your wise inner self and peel away doubt. Stop the second-guessing. Find peace and certainty so you can stop blaming yourself. If you would like to: Say goodbye to self-judgment Live with compassion for yourself and others Forgive yourself for not being perfect Transform negative thought patterns Trust your intuition Find and live your true purpose Then my story may speak to you. My early life was a spiral of self-doubt, anxiety, and anger. I used substances to control my emotions and had a series of relationships with abusive partners. My awakening to spirit came early, but childhood trauma created fear of people and new situations. When I used my intuition to solve problems, the outer world told me I was wrong. Doubt plagued me. I feared that others knew more than I did. What would happen if I made a mistake? Not until I felt the love of spirit nestling within did I accept the support of the creative energy of the universe. Once my eyes opened, the signs of spirit were everywhere. My Wise Inner Guide showed me that my negative experiences were not my fault. I could change my life. And so can you. When Spirit Whispers recounts my healing journey. With my words, I hope to encourage you to listen for the voice of your spirit, find your healing path, and infuse your life with meaning and purpose.
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