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United in Grief by Monique Patterson


After finishing university, Stephanie Scott moved to Leeton, New South Wales, to take a position as a teacher at the local high school. She and her fiance were making plans to spend the rest of their lives in the quiet town. Stephanie was a beloved teacher, a source of encouragement and joy for everyone she met. A week before her wedding, she decided to spend a few hours preparing for her replacement while she was on her upcoming honeymoon. When her fiance and family couldn't find her later that day or the days following, no one really believed anything could have happened to their cherished friend and teacher. But someone knew where she was, and he would be the last person to see her alive.

United in Grief tells the story of Stephanie Scott's murder and how the town of Leeton--and indeed the entire nation of Australia--was affected by her disappearance, and the grief that followed such a tragic loss. 

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