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We all still have a lot to learn. So very much to understand, integrate and transcend. The entire world seems to be in so much pain these days. With everyone pointing a finger at everyone else as the cause. Maybe it’s a good time to return to integrity, innocence, and purity. The River Yu is a story about those qualities. It’s about a journey. The sacred journey we must all take in this lifetime. The journey of being a human being in a constantly changing, vibrant, exciting, and at times, difficult world.The River Yu begins high in the freshly fallen snows of the Mountains of the Sky and then courses her way through the far-off country of Anandaland. Along the way, she meets seven distinct characters: Soame, the young orphan girl who follows a mysterious voice into the wilderness; Arak Rhune, the desperate bandit who must choose between love and his freedom; brothers Sylvan and Sylbar Arnor, working for, and yet, always against each other; Chandrika Kinnauri, the young Indigenous woman, lost and abandoned; Harn Flass, the embittered businessman, broke and desperate. And finally, Sol Yerning, the aged farmer and widower who has lost everything and is now searching for new meaning. The River Yu is about the lives of these seven separate individuals as they strive to find hope, significance, and redemption in an ever-changing world. And through it all flows the mighty River Yu. Inspiring when all hope is lost and guiding where no path is found. As she continues her own harrowing, challenging, fascinating journey, onward, always ever onward, to the sea. Are you ready for a life-changing journey?
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