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A coordinated EMP attack over the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf coasts sends American reeling.Technology that is essential for everyday life was either crippled or destroyed. Communications, transportation, medical, water, and sewer treatment had been shut down in an instant. The American military was still largely intact, but the bases that depended on civilian infrastructure were now unusable, forcing the military to move to remote bases outside its continental borders. Cities and towns left their own, descend into chaos as the government struggles to prepare for what might be coming next.This is what the world wakes up to on Saturday, September 5th. The Raydon family, scattered across the state of Washington, had been prepared for this. Their father had seen it coming and when the unthinkable happens, they know making it back to the family ranch is their best hope.The Prodigals, first published as a series of three separate books: A Journey Home in the Dark, The Wrath of Vengeance, and The Lost Sheep. The first two books, though written months apart, follow the same timeline, beginning with the explosion of three EMPs and the immediate aftermath.A Journey Home in the Dark follows the Raydon Family as they journey from various locations in Washington State to their family home in a remote corner. It is a family drama about people that care very much for each other and realize that their best chance for survival is together. Facing the increasing chaos and danger, each begins the journey home.The Raydon family tells the story of the domestic response to the attack and details how overburdened the government is and unprepared people are to cope. The home front has been left on its own and tribalism takes hold. But there is another side to the story. What is America doing to fight back against those that brazenly attacked her?The Wrath of Vengeance follows Major Aaron Styles as he leads the military response to the attack. His task: determine what happened and what is going to happen next. It is a puzzle of conspiracy that leaves the world hanging on the brink of nuclear war with China. Along the way, the Military response and the domestic response converge at the Raydon family ranch. Together, they must end the conspiracy, stop a war with China, and preserve their family through troubled times.The Lost Sheep picks up the story later and follows the Raydon family and Major Styles as they deal with the aftermath of the fall of the United States while trying to locate lost family members. As they cross-country searching for loved ones, they must deal with an unexpected, new reality that has become America.
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