Free Free
During the summer months, most parents living in large cities send their kids to camps or summer school. Not Wilson’s parents. For some strange reason, every summer, they send him and his little brother down South to spend time with their Grandmother, an elderly Native American woman living in a small house on the edge of a small town. No one has ever told Wilson the reason his parents continuously send the two boys there. The only thing Wilson knows is that while he's there he's forced to take care of his 100-year-old Great Grandmother. She’s a strange woman that refuses to interact with the public and spends all her days sitting alone, staring into the dark forest at the edge of the backyard. One day when Wilson’s Great Grandmother dies, she leaves him a terrifying gift; one that’s so powerful it alters the way he views the world – and the way the world views him. There are some things parents shouldn't hide from their children.
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