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"The lighthearted and charming tone makes Pumpkins and Peril fun and humorous with two delightful leads that make you want to solve mysteries with your dog."--5 Stars, Readers' FavoriteIn the middle of the ocean, a killer lurks among them…With no new mysteries for months and fresh off the excitement of her writing program, amateur sleuth Jasmine and her dog Luffy are eager to celebrate with a pet-friendly Halloween cruise. She’s sure that relaxing on the water will allow her to unwind and escape the murders which seem to follow her everywhere she goes.But the high seas offer far more than she bargained for. As soon as they’re clear of land, a horrifying discovery thrusts Jasmine into the spotlight once more. With no police to back her up and nowhere to hide, all eyes are on her – and behind those creepy masks, it’s impossible to tell friend from foe…In a race against time before the ship docks and the killer can slip away, Jasmine must unmask the murderer and solve this seemingly impossible case. Can Jasmine get to the bottom of it before anyone else meets Davy Jones? Or is she in way out of her depth?
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