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Are you interested in starting trading, without risking your entire capital and, at the same time, without limiting your potential earnings? This is the right book for you, just revised in this new edition accompanied by explanatory images! Options are one of the financial instruments that are talked about a lot, few of which though know how they really work and their true potential. Every investment carries some risk, but you can pick out an investment that has a much higher reward than the risk, if you know how to do it, of course. Contrary to what many say, it is not essential to know advanced mathematics to become familiar with the concept of option. Options have been used by humanity in various forms since ancient times. There are a variety of options that you can choose when it comes to your choice of investments, and today the use of these tools is within the reach of all those who have been willing to master the knowledge necessary to invest in options. Investing in options allows you to earn both from the rises and falls of a large variety of financial markets, you can also use them to reduce the risk of your positions and you can even make money when the market stands still or moves within a very tight range. Options take less financial commitment than equities, and they are also resistant to the harmful effects of gap openings. A good reason to go with buying options is that you will be able to limit your risk down to just the amount of money that you pay for the premium, this often turns out to be a trait that paradoxically makes them very suitable for novice investors, despite the alleged complexity that many gurus would like to assign to these fundamental financial instruments. In this complete guide, created both for a novice investor and for those who already own some operational base, you will find: What is the essence of an Options Contract? Type of Options and how to use them profitable Call Options, Put Options, to take advantage of both sides of the market. Buy and Selling Options, to take advantage of different market trends Financial Leverage implicit in options, and how to adapt it to your capital How to develop your profitable trading strategy using options, with a step by step process. Would you like to add options trading to the tools at your disposal to earn money and defend your assets? Set the cornerstone of your financial freedom: buy the book right now!
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