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BOOK ONE Master the subconscious and reveal your true potential. Understanding the full extent of your brainpower is step one on the path to success. Harness your underlying abilities, and revel in the fascinating science of hypnosis. Entranced by the knowledge this book provides, you’ll soon discover: 12 hypnotic patterns and their use in hypnotherapy Trigger words with which to forge a session script that can’t be beat How to conquer fear and deep anxiety by “priming yourself” How to perform stage hypnosis with covert persuasion BOOK TWO The key to true prosperity? Remember to remember! We all wish that we could have a better memory... but wishing isn’t enough. Luckily, a legitimate shortcut exists, and boosting your brainpower will help you achieve more in every aspect of your life. This book will help you master the secrets of memory retention. You’ll discover the keys to learn faster, achieve more success and be more productive—and never forget them. Inside you’ll learn: Many different memory enhancement techniques and practical uses for them How to boost your brain power and balance your mind with brain training and nutrition Various types of memory and how to access them How to fully memorize a pack of cards—and other nifty tricks BOOK THREE Find your inner harmony and life will be in tune. If you’ve been struggling to reach a higher state of mind, it’s time to recognize that peace CAN be imparted. Venture alone no further. Life is short and your introduction to meditation may change everything. This book shares a wealth of information in one, groundbreaking treatise. For untold millions around the world, the art of meditation has proven the key to finding peace and joy. Inside you’ll learn: The fascinating history of meditation Meditation’s benefits upon the body, mind, and soul Tried and true techniques that you can master, helping manage stress Methods to assimilate these yogic methods ‘on the go’ BOOK FOUR Learn to learn effectively and maximize your results! If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of accelerated learning, you may be going about your studies all wrong. Motivation is pivotal to success, but raw drive isn’t enough to carry you ahead in life. Don’t just work hard. Work smart, and you can realize any dream. This book delivers a life-changing course on maximizing efficiency in day-to-day life. This is your key to boosting memory, studying wisely, and flying high. So, don’t delay. The answers that you seek are surprisingly simple! Inside discover a world of knowledge: The tried and true accelerated learning techniques The different types of memory and how to fully master each Effective tactics pertinent to any business training context How to tackle brand-new subjects speedily (and painlessly) How to best apply accelerated learning to children of varying learning levels Common mistakes to keep on your radar BOOK FIVE Pleasure reading? Take your time. Intending to study smart? Then learn to read with lightning speed! Feeling bogged down in bookwork? Buried by toilsome tomes? Today discover solutions, and secure your liberation. Inside discover a world of knowledge: Simple hacks that guarantee your reading speed will skyrocket Different types of readers and their personal proclivities What it takes to overcome the hardest reading hurdles How to hone your skills from home or on the move
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