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As featured on esteemed news sites such as FOX, NBC, ABC and Boston Herald Green Bay homicide investigator Cale Van Waring wakes up in Anzio, Italy, having survived yet another attempt on his life. He doesn't have time to worry about it, however, for the pair of kidnapping victims he's been searching for has been located. They are in the hands of a human trafficking ring, and a hasty rescue mission is in the works. To add even more stress, Cale's fiancee back home reveals she is pregnant. The odds are high that the man who kidnapped and raped her is the father -- not Cale. After his rescue mission is complete, he must fly home to deal with this delicate and complicated situation. The sadistic leader of the trafficking ring -- the man who has failed to end Cale's life on three prior attempts -- vows he won't miss the fourth time. And he has every reason to feel confident. As a master of African voodoo, he has never been defeated when wearing his mask of human bone.
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