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From your Favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Faith Johnson. Comes this wonderful Spring Mail Order Bride Story... Ever since her father’s illness, Kathleen Fisk has taken over the duties of the family farm. But when her father dies suddenly, her brothers return to claim what they call their own, forcing Kathleen from her home. And so, with no desire to live under the scorn of her brothers, Kathleen decides to find a new home. Soon, she is headed west to become a mail order bride to Bart Lindner in Dove Bay, Nebraska. When she arrives in Dove Bay, however, Kathleen wonders if she’s made a mistake. Although he is quite handsome, Bart Lindner is also coldly polite and seems to have no desire to see Kathleen as other than a housemaid. The farm is in dire straits, and though Kathleen is eager to help out, Bart gruffly rebuffs her offers. It seems that he, too, like her brothers, believes a woman has no place doing farm work. But the farm is her home now, and Kathleen is determined to help it succeed—and, perhaps—find a way to Bart’s heart.
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