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Molly Drew’s life has taken a downward turn. Once the creator of a successful puppet on a children’s television programme, her material covered, left hand, making her a fortune. Until her presenter partner was caught using his right hand on another man, in a very public and in an inappropriate manner. Then her partner of six years walked out on her within weeks when he became successful in a popular television drama.It all left a serious mark on Molly.Career and lover a long distant memory, she now has various part time jobs to make ends meet. But could her cousin, Squirrel, come to her rescue? He knows of a thirteen week, well-paid, stint where all she has to do is use her fine, rarely used, acting skills and pretend to be engaged to a man called Jamie who runs boxing gyms around town. He needs to get himself out of a tight corner because he’s been sleeping with the wife of a ‘bad man’.In need money and wanting some distraction from her pitiful life, she takes on the job but Jamie’s not all he seems. Shifty and secretive, she wants to know what he’s really up to. But there’s the added trouble that her ex Sam wants to talk to her after all these years, which is spiralling her anxiety out of control.A funny adult romance about things lost and the people you find, while trying hard to avoid love's foolish punch.RE-EDITED JANUARY 2018
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