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Locker Room Domination by Ramona James

I had rolled into a sort of fetal ball on my side, where I lay gasping for air. Following Sonia's example, it was a similarly half-naked Jenny who forced me easily back over onto my back. Before I could recover even a tiny bit I found a new pussy planted on my face. A different smell and taste assailed my senses as Jenny began to use me. She was already wet, really wet, and unlike Sonia she didn't move around much. She just sort of sat right on my mouth, and pulled my face up tighter into her with her hands. I could hear Andrea and Sara arguing on the couch about who was next as I worked to please Jenny. I slurped on and on until I found a steady tonguing rhythm that seemed to set her off. Finally she too came on my face and I could catch some more air as she climbed off of me.
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