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We've all been through the man selection process (aka: the dating game), right? You select your man based-on instinct, took him home and sooner or later discovered… you had the wrong man. In fact, you had a real Pig. Poor you: you tried to train him, but that just made him ill-tempered and even more ornery. So, you dumped him. And went back into the Pen market looking for a new Pig man. Same result. This repetitive pattern can mean ending-up with someone else’s reject. You know, a Pig guy who looks good at first but ends up showing the same issues as before! In fact, he might be worse than your last one! This cycle of embarrassment, frustration, and heartache dealing with total Pigs can continue for years as you search for that special man to enjoy your life with. A bleak forecast to be sure. So, is there any hope? YES, there is! Thanks to Michael Coogan and William Burton from this point on you will learn how, much like a Pig’s, a man’s mind works in simple, predictable ways. You’ll uncover their secret customs, patterns, and behaviors. Master the effortless tactics you need to train and manage him 24x7 and be rewarded with a well-behaved partner who is successfully housebroken but has not lost his fun-loving Piggy Joie de vivre! So why wait? Come join the almost 20,000 people who learned from the first edition of this book. Success with your Pig, err, your Man, is literally in the palm of your hand!
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