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“It's not a fairy tale – it’s probably the closest to a real life experience I've ever read.” Jack and Jill meet at Freshers Big Party Night at university and it’s love at first sight. There’s passing amusement when they discover that their names match those of the nursery rhyme, but any connection with the children’s story is long forgotten as their relationship takes off. Their student days are over and life couldn’t be better with successful careers, a dream home, and top of the list, a marriage made in heaven. Then it starts to go wrong – very wrong – and the nursery rhyme plot becomes a reality. They fall. They tumble. Jack’s renown at the investment bank withers as quickly as it had soared, Jill’s reputation at the school is in tatters. Their marriage is on the rocks. Can it survive? “I adored everything about it. An absolutely brilliant true to life romance novel.” “What a refreshing read. A true love story but with a twist.” “Recommended to those with a heart and feelings.” “The characters are real and believable and there is humour to lighten the darker moments.”
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