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INTO THE STORM: BOOK 2 by Dj Adamson

A storm strikes and a mystery deepens at a lighting pace. One of three boys missing shows up in Sheriff Boggs’ office. What the boy tells sounds farfetched. A man of reason, Boggs thinks a hoax has been played. The story evolves from boys missing to a kidnapping by an alien. Then, from an alien to the kidnapper’s name, Ted Templeton. Boggs realizes all may not be a teenage prank. And he may have more on his hands than he first thought. The mystery deepens when a stranger shows up at the search site. Major Noah Sears forces himself into the investigation. Not only are his viewpoints unrealistic to Sheriff Boggs, but his ability to answer questions before they are asked is unnerving. And his manner of investigation beyond logical. Where the boys went missing, a burned structure hints more may go on. A girl is found dead. Another girl turns up murdered. The storm breaks. A mob forms and hunts for Ted Templeton. Major Noah Sears begins his own investigation. And in the storm, Sears convinces Boggs to look beyond formed truths.
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