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Do you toss and turn every night, and wake up totally exhausted?Do you want to fall asleep fast and sleep better for longer? Do you want to get up every morning, feeling on top of the world, refreshed, and raring to go? “Less sleep, faster death” is the message from experts and research studies, and science has provided proof to back that up. Our brain and body require sleep to rest, recharge, and stay in optimal conditions. With good sleep, you will be in the best state to complete your daily and life goals.Sadly, most people do not get enough sleep or good sleep. 10% of everyone on the planet suffers from chronic insomnia. Are you a part of this group? I know I was. And that's why I've spent years looking for ways to sleep well and live a happier life. It's all in this book — I've shared with you how you can tweak little things to make big differences. From the kind of things you keep in your bedroom, to what you ate in the evening and the kind of pillows you use, everything sums up to decide the quality of sleep you get.This guide book is the product of my personal experience, reviews of ground-breaking scientific reports, and feedback from people who have used the knowledge contained in it to shape their new habits and change their lives.You will:Learn the different stages of sleep and how they affect your sleeping patternIdentify a dozen reasons why good sleep is non-negotiable for youKnow how you can build a night-time routine that will boost your sleep quality immediatelyNotice how bad sleep has been stopping you from living a happy, productive, and successful lifeUnderstand sleeping disorders and their causes, effects, and symptomsDiscover the 5 secrets of good sleep that can improve your sleep quality by half in less than a weekRealize how different foods and drinks can affect your sleepRecognize the most common mistakes that keep you tossing and turning at nightGet long-lasting natural solutions to restful and adequate sleepRestorative sleep is one of the pillars of a happy, better life. The key to good sleep resides in building an optimal sleep routine, the right habits, and the right conditions that promote great sleep.With the right solutions revealed in this book, you can finally begin to sleep faster, better, and smarter. Naturally.Do you want to sleep soundly like a bat or a baby? “BUY NOW” to begin to start sleeping better TONIGHT!
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