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HORSES OF EUROPE, FROM BEFORE TO BEYONDA Concise History of the Migration of Man's Best Traveling Companion Anna B JoachimHave you ever found yourself wondering where our #1 travel companion actually came from?If you want to discover the complex and mysterious history of the creatures that shaped our world, then keep reading…Maybe you’re curious to know more about the significant role that horses have played in the development of human civilization?Or perhaps you’ve even speculated how we formed this unique bond with them in the first place?There’s scientific evidence showing that horses originated over 50 million years ago… long before our existence in the world.They came before us and have been part of our history ever since we first encountered them.Horses have navigated Earth’s ever-changing landscapes long before any of their domestications by mankind.As a result of their exposure to these external changes – from savannah to grassland and mountains to ice ages – their anatomy has evolved and adapted powerfully and uniquely...And you’re about to discover fascinating facts about the evolution of horses!Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover In HORSES OF EUROPE, FROM BEFORE TO BEYOND:Shocking facts about the earliest known ancestors of modern horses, dating back 55 million yearsThe vital role horses have played in religions and mythology all over the world for millenniaAll you’ve ever wanted to know about the first historic horse riders – and how this enhanced man’s life foreverHow we know that horses haven't evolved from zebras and donkeys, and vice versaScientifically proven insights about the first interactions between humans and horsesA detailed history of how humans domesticated horses – and how this has influenced our developmentHow the fifth ice age had profound consequences for the horses of North AmericaWhy our ancestors would celebrate horses as a sacred animal in many of their ceremoniesInsight into the curious nature of horses – and why they are one of the only species to be so fundamental to humanity’s place in the worldAnd much more...Horses have had a vital role in the evolution of human civilizations – in ways you’d never imagine!It’s thanks to these amazing creatures and the unique relationship we’ve formed with them that the entire world has evolved for the better.If you want to discover eye-opening facts about the evolution of horses and their impact on our lives over the millennia, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.
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