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The best compliment I can give Jaime's work is I'm going to make this required reading for all parents who walk through my door. No joke. Required reading. - Jon Filitti, LMHC, Filitti CounsellingI hate Jaime Buckley because he wrote the book every therapist should be writing.
While reading through it I kept thinking to myself, "I'm the therapist here! I should have written this!"
You see, Jaime does something in this book which is almost utterly impossible to do. (Which is why I didn't attempt it.)
He wrote a book about parenting that is informative and educational. But more than that, and this is the difficult part, it's concise and entertaining. 
What? How did he do that? 
He wrote a book about parenting that takes less than 2 hours to read and packed it full of interesting ideas, tips and tricks and the "musts" of parenting.
While never getting preachy or pompous. 
Turn the page. 
You're about to knock your family's happiness out of the park.
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