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Can you simply NOT get enough of crazy facts and true stories? Do you pride yourself on knowing lesser-known facts about historical characters and the events that shaped them? Then you need to brace yourself for this book, Exploring Facts: Extraordinary Stories & Weird Facts from History Trivia Book. This is the latest, most up-to-date trivia book on the market, laced with recent discoveries and stories that sound totally made up but are actually true. It boasts a wide range of topics from pop culture, history to the paranormal—even stories that are downright in a completely different category of their own! This is the perfect book to take with you anywhere and is a real page-turner from the first story to the last. It will leave you wanting to deep-dive even MORE. In this fascinating book of stories, you can expect to learn about: - How Stoker’s Count Dracula was inspired by historical accounts of the 15th Century Romanian Prince Vlad the Impaler. - The adventures of a Syrian brown bear who fought alongside Polish soldiers during World War Two. - True reports of athletes biting their opponents and getting away with it. - Discover the world’s most densely populated island on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. - That the much-loved condiment ketchup was once used as a cure for a variety of ailments. - Find out which king of England promoted the use of the English language in government and as his primary language instead of French. - Which country is home to the world’s busiest subway station…? - And much, much MORE! In this collection, you’ll find the wackiest, saddest, and weirdest stories, guaranteed to satisfy the trivia-lust of any fact-loving aficionado. What’s so great about this book is that many of these facts and tales date back all the way to ancient Egypt and before, right through to things that have occurred in our modern society—and yet, there are many more to be discovered! Be the walking trivia encyclopedia wherever you go with this fact-finding book. What are you waiting for?
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