You do not love your husband, your wife because your love is conditional on the algorithm “if you do this then love” of ego. Your husband is just the projection of your ego out. You are always in a state of wanting to control your husband, your wife according to your ego. The psychology of ownership is always permanent in you, you want your husband to act as he does, every deviation triggers an uprising anger, the same love noted caress if the person does exactly what you want. The quarrels, domestic violence, divorce, even killing each other, these actions can be explained from disindulging the enemy's ego. At this time, the ego not only takes over yourself, but also wants to take over the people around him.

Love does not exist in ego, this world will not be able to stop war, envy if humanity unifies itself with the ego -created tool bestowed. Compassion, compassion is just an algorithm of ego.

Enlightenment is simply stopping homogeneity with ego, homogening yourself with your own thoughts. It's a state of absolute silence of ego


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