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"An informative and educational book that gives insights into hand hygiene…gives tips and tools on how to make hand sanitizers at home, and the recipes shared can be tried out easily by readers"--5 Stars, Readers' FavoriteLearn how to make your own hand sanitizers and soaps the fun way!Have you ever wondered why boutique soaps and sanitizers are so expensive? Sure, they’re organic. Sure, they smell nice... but really, what’s up with the price?Simple answer, there! Manufacturers are counting on the fact that you haven’t asked an even simpler question. Namely, how are these products made? The answer to that one: with ZERO magic. High-grade soap can soon be yours—no need to “clean out” the savings account. It’s truly as easy as A, B, C... or, rather DIY!Inside, you’ll learn:The fascinating history of human hygieneHow to keep your home hygienicHow to stop the spread of germsThe laws of buying disinfectantsRecipes for homemade soapA mess of ways to clean a messAlong with much, much more!In no time, you’ll be well-equipped to craft your own amazing soap. What better gift—for family, friends, yourself—than stylish spotlessness?
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