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You’ll find your answer lies in sleep. So, let’s move on from counting sheep!If you’ve organized your life but something is holding you back, it could be time to declutter the most important sanctuary of all: your mind. As research shows, nothing plays a bigger role in our functionality than proper sleep... which has nothing to do with how many hours we spend (tossing and turning) in bed.With respect to the game of life, we’re the players... but our brains are the pivotal coaches. They call the shots and ultimately determine our emotional stability. When our headspace is cluttered with unhelpful thoughts, it can have a flow-on effect, decreasing our performance at work and with loved ones.This volume of Luigi Harbin’s Declutter Workbook series will help you take back control your life... and sleep easy!Inside you’ll learn:Nine different methods for effortless sleepHow to avoid the stress and anxiety ruining your restHow to compartmentalize like a proHow to claim success by applying the law of attractionAND MUCH, MUCH MORE...Don’t wait to experience quality sleep. You’ll be blown away by the manifold benefits of mental health and wellbeing. While a decluttered workspace and home are imperative, being at your very best requires getting proper rest!
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