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I nearly died when I was shot in the head. Now, I see things that aren't alive. They said it was a murder-suicide, that my father killed my mother, tried to kill me, then killed himself. I don't remember it like that. In fact, I don't remember it at all. But I'm left feeling alone, confused, and afraid, mostly of the things I see that no else can. Ghosts. I never believed in them before, but now I can't stop seeing them, and they want something from me. Am I losing my mind? Or am I the only one who can help them find peace from beyond the grave? I'll do whatever I can to help them, but I could very well become one of them if I'm not careful. My name is Casey Pope and I see dead people. Casey may be the only person who can save a missing girl and get justice for two others who have been abducted and murdered in a small South Carolina town. Can she figure out who to trust with her newfound ability to communicate with the dead, or will she become a killer's next victim?
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