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THE ULTIMATE PLAYBOOK FOR SELLING YOUR AMAZON STORE SUCCESSFULLY, A 60 MINUTE READ WORTHWHILE. Introduction There’s never been a better time to sell an Amazon business. Since Amazon made the decision in 2018 to allow companies to own more than one Amazon store, there’s been a buying frenzy among “aggregators” – firms that specialize in putting multiple businesses under one roof and handling their back-office operations. And it shows no signs of slowing down at the time of this writing. That spells opportunity for hundreds of thousands of small operators who have put their blood, sweat and tears into building small Amazon stores selling everything from books to pinto beans. The owners can now reap the rewards of their hard work by selling their businesses when they are ready to move onto the next chapter in their lives. They are able to turn what they’ve built into a valuable asset they can harvest when the timing is right. In Aggregator Navigator, I’ve shared what I’ve learned from building and selling two Amazon businesses for an eight-figure amount. I didn’t have any special training in this. I’m a father of five from Minnesota who learned as I went along. I’ve written this book so that anyone who hopes to do what I did is able to learn from my experiments, mistakes and wins, whether they’re self-taught, as a I am, or have an MBA from Harvard Business School. Building a business you can sell for millions of dollars takes the right strategy and daily steps, and you’ll learn exactly what you need to pull it off. Will everyone who reads this book sell their business for millions of dollars? That is out of my control and not something anyone can promise. But what I hope is you will come away with many valuable nuggets that will help you to maximize the value of your business—no matter what size it is—and reap the biggest rewards from it that you can, so you can enjoy the American Dream—and then some—and give back in the ways that matter most to you. Here's to your success! - Josh Dittrich What others are saying: "Having worked with Josh I can verify him to be a first class operator who has first hand experience of selling an FBA business. If you're a seller going through this process for the first time Josh's insight would undoubtedly be valuable." – Jim Mann, Director of Acquisitions at Thrasio "Josh Dittrich is a master of profit maximization. Any Amazon seller who hopes to profit from the sale of their business can learn valuable strategies from this insider’s guide.? – Bojan Gajic, CEO of Helium10 "Josh Dittrich knows the ins and outs of exiting an eCommerce business. He's the ideal guide to have in your corner if you’re thinking about cashing out." – Eytan Wiener, CEO of Getida, Co-Founder of Prosper (Acquired), Co-Founded a large Amazon business, Quantum Networks (Acquired) "eCommerce merchants have unprecedented opportunities to reap the rewards of building a successful online store. Josh Dittrich offers unique insights from his own process to educate everyone on the process of maximizing value.” – Kyle Walker, Former Head of New Business Strategy at Amazon and Co-founder and Chief Acquisitions Officer at Foundry
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