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Discover Powerful Affirmations & Self-Talk Techniques to Attract Your Best Life, Even If You Think It's Impossible Now….Are you ready to reclaim your mind and make it work for you?Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly affirming something…But, if you're like most people, you probably, unconsciously keep affirming what you don't want…It's time to say "no" to all those hidden limiting beliefs and self-sabotage and finally empower your self-talk, re-program your subconscious mind, and become the conscious creator of your reality with positive affirmations.Here's Exactly What You Will Discover Inside:-how affirmations really work (more powerful than you think!)-positive, love-based, high-vibe affirmations to make you feel good and become a magnet for your desires-the 3 most effective, transformative kinds of affirmations you can't miss-proven manifestation techniques to create your own personalized affirmations-the Breathe-Your-Own-Words method to amplify your affirmations and re-program your subconscious mind in a really powerful way-the Master Affirmation that can accelerate your manifestation journey (and really supercharge any manifestation technique you choose to do)-the Intuition Amplifier Declaration to help you embrace and trust your inner wisdom to make amazing decisions (to reach your goals faster and with more ease)-best affirmations to instantly feel worthy and deserving of manifesting your deepest desires (while releasing self-doubt and limiting beliefs for good)-how to dissolve overwhelm with this one magical affirmation-how not to affirm (affirmation mistakes that most people make, even advanced manifestors, and how to avoid them)-words you must NEVER use in your affirmations (and powerful words you should use instead!)-the main reason why affirmations don't work for some people (even though they do the work and repeat them constantly) and what to do to be successful-the 24/7 affirmation on autopilot technique revealed (making affirmations work for you without having to constantly repeat them!)-the ONE missing ingredient for a massive awareness shift to transform your life forever-how long should my affirmations be? How many to use? For how long? +more questions answered in detail to help you succeed! (from experienced manifestation practitioners and affirmation experts)-the hidden secrets of controlling your inner state to manifest your desires with joy and ease (most LOA and affirmation gurus miss it!)+ over 100 positive affirmations to transform all areas of your life (the best affirmations for personal and professional success, attracting money, abundance, a better job, incredible relationships, material things, spiritual experiences + love) – use them daily and watch your life improve!Positive, empowering affirmations created consciously, in alignment with your deepest desires, are like a GPS of your subconscious mind.All you need to do is to program it by giving it your desired destination…Then…let it guide you and enjoy the journey of getting closer to your goals every day!If you want to manifest your goals and dreams while reaching inner peace, then read this book and unleash the power of positive affirmations!
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