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Claudia Portneuf is a digital nomad with a BA in Commerce and a Master's Degree in Fiverr. Having lost her twin sister to a terrible tragedy, Claudia spends most of her time as far away as possible from the place where she grew up and where she'd lost so much.While quickly running out of money in Thailand, she follows a new friend and two handsome European tourists into an unwanted adventure. With her life and her MacBook in danger, Claudia discovers that there are powerful creatures and powerful magic in the world, and that, for whatever reason, she is more connected to that power than she could have ever imagined.What is this series about?It's a collection of thrilling adventures in a world of the paranormal, with mythical creatures, ancient beings, and dangerous enemies. Each book is a fast-paced and suspenseful story from the viewpoint of a smart and snarky woman with a dark and tragic backstory. While romance is definitely part of Claudia's story from time to time, it's not the main thing in her life; what is a bigger part of her adventures are the new friendships she forms as she travels the world as a digital nomad.
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