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Three cases you won’t believe…

…and a detective you’ll adore.

In twenty years, he’s never been challenged like this.

In this boxed set, Frank Luca will need to get to the bottom of an open and shut case that is anything but, take on a murder in Florida that has him second guessing himself, and track down a serial killer who breaks all the rules.

For Frank, being a detective is everything. But a life spent seeing the dark side of man can take its toll. He’s made mistakes. The regrets he has are many.

Getting cancer woke him up.

Will he be able to change for the better without losing his edge?

Can he make his new relationship work?

You’ll love this three boxed set, because it just as much about solving the case as it is about Frank’s personal struggles.

Get it now.

Top 500 Amazon Reviewer - Kim P 1/20/2020

This is a good set of three mystery/crime stories that are interesting and have lots of twists and turns - all solved by Detective Luca who has an indomitable style, great deductive reasoning all wrapped up in a very calm outer. I am keen to follow his future exploits.

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