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A Billion Reasons To Run by Amelia St. James

A single woman who despises affluence, her undercover, rich boss, and a billion reasons to run. Will Alana ignore the one reason to stay? Alana O’Neal doesn't trust things that come easily, especially fortune. Her rich grandparents disowned her mother for having the strength to bring her into the world on her own, creating a deep distrust of affluence for Alana. Her mother raised her to fend for herself, giving her the strength to survive on her own after her mother died. Fighting to follow her dreams, her hopes shatter after she's fired from her job. Grocery store manager Brandon offers her a job, saving her from certain disaster. Slow to open up to others, she begins to see the potential for something more between them. He's handsome, kind, forbidden, and perfect. Sole heir to a family fortune, Brandon Lancaster is known as "the fixer". Tired of the slew of debutants who are interested in marrying into his fortune, he goes undercover to avoid recognition. Alana captures his attention the moment he sees her, giving him the opportunity to pursue love without questioning her motives. He realizes his mistake once his heart is too far gone to risk losing her by telling the truth.  A poorly-timed tabloid photo drives a wedge between Brandon and Alana, sending her on the run. When she discovers vital information that could prevent Brandon from losing his inheritance, will Alana watch from afar or intervene? A Billion Reasons to Run is a clean and wholesome, contemporary billionaire romance.
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