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A tasty smoothie is the finest part of your daily meal plan whatever the goal you’re pursuing: detox your body, diet routine, antioxidants intake, liver cleanse, general health enhancement, fitness routine. And even better – smoothies are always a treat on their own: just indulge yourself with a healthy drink and stay away from all those processed foods. Apricot Apple Smoothie, Black Raspberry Smoothie, Chia-Seed Smoothie, Mint Apple Berry Detox Smoothie, Chocolate Cherry Smoothie, and many more recipes. Smoothies will be a perfect source of fiber, fat, vitamins, and nutrients that will suit health enhancement, fitness activities, diet plans. This book offers you a simple to use a list of recipes for: Fruit smoothies Green smoothies Protein smoothies Satisfy your cravings with healthy, quick, and easy smoothies you find in this recipes book: 101 delicious recipes for all your daily meal plans Nutritional information that will help you monitor your needs Helpful hints at the beginning of the book to quickly brief you in the smoothie world. Note: the hereby version is a white and black edition of the Paperback. You can choose the colored version of the paperback by clicking "See All Formats"
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