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Would you like to have all the secrets of the ancient Withcraft at your fingertips and embark on your solitary initiation path by drawing on the ancient mysteries handed down to our days? If you have always imagined that you have something different inside you, something special, something magical, but you have not yet found a way to express it concretely, perhaps the problem lies in the lack of a correct guide to show you the path. Scott Hawthorn has traveled the world far and wide for decades, searching for the roots of Wicca's magical tradition and has collected ancient evidence of powerful rituals and spells. The distillation of this ancestral knowledge is collected in this definitive guide that explores 2 main aspects of archaic paganism. Only by understanding the unique nature of all things and the connections between all the various elements of nature is it possible to penetrate the mystery and truly begin one's initiation. Becoming a witch is not a game, it is something that must be faced seriously, with the right ethics, necessary not to sink into the temptations of black magic, and instead use the great power that can be acquired for the good of oneself and loved ones. This guide consists of 2 books, each of which comprehensively addresses one of the main areas of the discipline of Witchcraft, let's see them in detail: Green Witchcraft Given the fundamental role that herbs, flowers and plants play in the creation of magical receptacles, an entire book has been devoted to how to build your own garden for the express purpose of mastering this art. Spellcrafting After all we are here to learn how to make spells, or not? In this book nothing is left to chance, all objects, rituals and their combinations are exhaustively treated. No herb, crystal, candle or altar will have more secrets for you. Despite how often we read, it is neither useful nor prudent to improvise naively as a sorcerer. By reading this book, you will have everything you need to properly embark on one of the greatest magical religions in human history. You can have it right now, just by clicking buy!
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