Vampire Born by Violet Howe


Vampire by birth. Human by choice. Until death revived his curse.

Born of an ancient, cursed bloodline, Nick has always loathed the monster inside him, but he was never so determined to be human as when he met his true love, Aria. A deal with darkness granted Nick what he longed for most—a life as a mortal husband and father. 


Aria worked hard to trust herself and others after escaping an abusive relationship. When she met Nick, his steadfast love and patience slowly convinced her that she and her young daughter could finally have their happily ever after.


Together, Nick and Aria have found peace and become their best version of themselves. But when an early morning tragedy returns Nick to his vampiric state, the future of their family is in jeopardy.


As they struggle to find a path forward and come to terms with the past, neither of them realize much darker forces are at play. Can their love withstand the trials they face? Or is their relationship doomed to end in heartache? Find out in this non-stop series starter with an ending that will leave you desperate for more!

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