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The Land of Everlasting Sorrow by John Kyziropoulos

On the Greek Best Sellers list for several weeks throughout 2020 & 2021! Jason and his comrades strive to make ends meet in the famine-plagued city of Athens. In their attempt to get food supplies they fall into an ambush and , consequently, his friends are killed. Jason himself contrives to escape and his goal is to get revenge. Along the way he comes across a mysterious man who will change Jason's beliefs of what he was aware of until then. He also comes across his life's great love. Through lively descriptions, successive reversals and flashbacks, a sequence of events unfolds skillfully and leads the plot of the story to a climax that has already been created from the first page. It's a story about ideas, love, freedom and the determinism that governs the world, and the search of sense of being. The main characters seem to be trapped in a game of chess through the space time and make us wonder if and how we can control our life and destiny. A parabolical urban novel, a dark sad fairytale which walks the tightrope between the blunt realism of everyday living and the romanticism of another previous era, inspired by the classic literature. It's a book for people who have lost a piece of their inner self forever, for those who are in need of feeling. A book for the lonely nostalgists of the hereafter... "We are nothing more than trees standing dignified only to the point when the merciless chopper of life will butcher us, in a way as it is. And if we are lucky enough to fall into diligent hands, then, at least, something marvellous may crop up out of such an unexpected tragedy..." 1st Greek edition: January 2020, Pnoi Publications (Εκδόσεις Πνοή) 1st English edition: August 2022
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