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Fake it ‘til you make it... Olivia counts herself lucky to have a steady job in graphic design. She's focused on climbing the ladder, but her mom keeps hounding her about finding a man. In an effort to keep her from matchmaking, Olivia lies and says she's seeing someone. Now her mom insists she introduce this boyfriend to the family at the big reunion, but how is she supposed to bring someone who doesn't exist? After his last girlfriend betrayed him, Jake wants nothing to do with relationships. Most women look at him and only see the jock. The thing is, he has a nerdy secret: his love of anime. He can’t jeopardize his reputation as a sports anchor. After meeting Olivia at a work picnic, he’s completely smitten. When Olivia comes to him, worried about showing up dateless to the family reunion, he offers to stand in as her fake boyfriend – but he wishes it were real. Can a smart, ambitious woman, and a closet otaku-jock fake it long enough to make a lasting connection? Introducing the Geek Girl Squad! These aren’t your typical nerdy women. They’re smart, they’re sweet, and they’d burn the world down for each other. Best friends since college, they find themselves navigating the rough waters of adulthood, career, and love. Read the whole series to find out how romance finds each of them! The Geek Girk Squad is a series of interconnected standalone romance novels and can be read in any order
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