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Previously published as A Lawman's Honor by Peggy McKenzie, Author. It’s simple. All he has to do is decide what matters most. His sense of duty or the love of this woman who may very well be the ruin of everything he holds dear. Charlotte Johnson spent most of her adult life working as a bartender and occasional card dealer in the Holy Moses Saloon. And in all those years, she had made it crystal clear to anyone who pushed that she wasn’t one of the upstairs girls. But forced to defend herself against a persistent customer who refuses to take no for an answer, she hits him over the head with a spittoon bucket. It wasn’t the first time she’d defended herself this way, but this time something went terribly wrong. Now, the man was dead, and she has no choice but to run. A widower with three angry children hell-bent on punishing him for their mother’s death, U.S. Marshal, Jeremy Maxwell, feels like a man twice his age. He’s painfully aware he's walking a fine line between a responsible father and a dedicated lawman. So, when a stranger needing help arrives in his town, he’s convinced she’s the answer to his prayers. But soon, his lawman’s intuition tells him there’s something Charlotte’s not telling, and although the man in him wants to protect her, the lawman in him knows he has a duty to protect his town from her secrets. Next...Texas Promise  She wants marriage. He needs justice.

Daisy Bennett knows the cost of being married to a lawman firsthand. She's spent her entire life watching her mother worry about a husband who might never come home. That's not a life Daisy wants for herself. So, when Lucas finally proposes, she makes him promise he’ll give up his job as marshal the minute they have enough money to get married. And not one minute after.   At twenty-five, Lucas Armstrong’s spent the last fifteen years following leads from his father’s murder on his own—outside the law. So when Daisy’s father offers him a badge and the authority to see justice done, he jumps at the chance. Torn between his promise and his need for answers, Lucas hunts down the ghosts of his past, but they may very well destroy his future.     Just when he’s close to the truth, danger threatens…
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