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2 BOOKS IN 1 – DISCOVER WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO TO ACTUALLY LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT JUMPING FROM DIET TO DIET. Book 1 – Stop Dieting: How To Stop Dieting and Eat Normally Many people struggle with losing weight, and with so many diets to choose from – each with its own method and restrictions. It’s no wonder why people struggle! The great news is that you can actually stop dieting, and eat normal foods to lose weight and also improve your health. And this book shares with you how… Discover the proven steps and strategies on how you can boost energy and burn fat for healthy weight loss. It’s no secret that the food we eat has an impact on how our body looks and feels. We need to get into the habit of picking nutrient-dense foods and make them a lifestyle rather than looking at crash diets for our health requirements, this book will clearly and concisely detail everything you need to know to achieve your weight loss goals. Here’s what’s in store for you: 10 Nutrition Rules for Boosting Energy Burning Fat Top 10 Herbs and Spices to Help Improve Health and Weight Loss 36 Fat Burning Super Foods The Top 20 Superfoods You Should be Eating 8 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Body Fat How to Plan Your Meals 15 Tasty Super Food Smoothies Recipes 5 Tasty Super Food Soup Recipes 6 Yummy and Healthy One-Bowl Meals 10 Lip Smacking Healthy Desserts Book 2 – Weight Loss Motivation: The Ultimate Motivation Guide These days, losing weight and staying healthy are no longer options. They are a must! However, there are too many barriers, both external and internal, that seemingly prevent people from losing weight, and when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, you sometimes become your own worst enemy. Do you find yourself dragging your feet when it’s time to go to the gym or even just starting your workout at home? Do you find yourself resenting the limited food choices and small portions you get to consume? The contents of this book will not only get you fired up to set your fitness goals, but it will also give you the drive necessary to achieve them! With the contents of this book, your dream of a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle would no longer be out of reach. Here’s what this book has in store for you: Knowledge to make inner breakthroughs and master your body through your mind Information on how to boost your internal and external motivation Insider tips on the challenges you need to overcome Techniques to empower yourself and take control of your weight loss PLUS, you’ll learn about: How motivation actually works Highly effective meal planning Getting support from family and friends Goal setting and variation in your workouts If you are truly serious about losing weight and are prepared to make the commitment to eating healthier, then grab your copy of this book today!
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