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When a simple interview puts Amish best friends in mortal danger, it becomes the ultimate test of faith. When best friends, Mary Shrock and Rachel Troyer, are approached in the Amish market by an Englisch couple who are interested in interviewing them for an "educational" article, something seems off. And the girls find their fears well founded as the strangers embark on writing an inflammatory expose. But when one of the Englischers tries to take things beyond words, Rachel, Mary, and their entire Amish community is put in deep peril. How will this Amish community face a threat that tests their faith, family, and most of all, their innocent children? Find out in Simple Truths, Book 2 of the Lancaster County Amish Quarrel series. Note: This book was previously published as Living Amish: Faith and Hope. It has been revised and edited. If you LOVE Amish Books, Scroll Up and GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY! Simple Truths is an uplifting Amish fiction book that will leave you smiling and happy.It is a sweet, clean Amish romance story that you'll love to read again and again.
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