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NFTs are a fascinating invention that is gaining traction as their uses expand. The eye-catching price tags attached to some NFTs are adding fuel to the fire. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of NFTs became skyrocketed, leaving many potential investors wondering how to buy them. Beeple's digital art and pixelated CryptoPunks character portraits have all been sold as NFTs worth millions of dollars! However, because NFTs are highly illiquid and volatile, prudent investors should proceed with caution when considering purchasing these assets. Are you unsure how to invest in NFTs? NFT for Beginners will guide you step by step in the learning process and acknowledge you about all the tools you need to grab this new huge opportunity to make money! You will learn: Basics of the blockchain, NFTs and digital art History of NFTs and the most successful cases Key terms and the NFT standards NFT marketplaces How to create NFTs and how to sell them How to choose NFTs How to buy NFTs and store them How to invest in NFTs Legal aspects of NFTs The future of NFTs and their role in the metaverse You will get all the notions necessary to start creating, collecting, trading NFTs and many more that can open to you a new passive and huge income stream! Click Buy now and get your simple guide on your side in this fascinating disruptive innovation!
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