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Do you need an easy and effective exercise program to lose some extra pounds? Are you tired of the pains and aches that come with the excess weight? Do you want to burn calories doing nothing? We all know exercising more and eating less is the surest way to lose weight. But every exercise seems too hard. Or the only exercise you ever do is to run to the kitchen to indulge in some tasty treats. The more overweight you become, the harder it is to exercise. The less you exercise, the more weight you gain. And so, a vicious cycle continues. The trick is to find the exercises you enjoy, the ones that suit your body type best, and use the afterburn effect (“burning calories by doing nothing”). Also, you may have these questions: What exercises work best for obese people? How many reps of push-ups should you do daily? Do planks have any effect on weight loss? What type of exercises can help you lose that belly fat? Are home workouts effective? Must I take out a gym membership? I wrote this book to answer ALL your questions about the right exercises for obese people. The 20 exercises I have picked will have you burning fat at an unbelievable and steady rate. From this book, you will: Discover 20 fat-shredding exercises you can do in the comfort of your home Find out how many calories each exercise burns on average Know the correct form and variations of the best exercises for you Spot the afterburn effect and learn how you can ignite it Recognize why cardio exercises have to be your best friend Discover amazing tips that will change the way you eat and exercise Learn 3 exercises guaranteed to improve your flexibility Take back control of your metabolism On average, obese people spend $1,500 more than non-obese individuals on clinic visits. If you want to avoid this and the many dangers of obesity, stay healthy, and keep fit, BUY NOW to MOVE THE FAT TODAY!
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