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Harboring resentment only leads to chaos. Charlotte McKay is new to Sweetwater Falls, but that doesn’t mean she's about to look the other way when everyone’s least favorite miser goes missing. Following her dream of selling her cupcakes at a bakery is put on hold as she follows a trail of clues, each more strange than the last. Nearly every person in Sweetwater Falls has a grudge against Amos, who was known more for his penny-pinching than his benevolence. Everyone's mourning looks more like griping over how much the cheapskate still owes the people he swindled. Only Charlotte and Marianne know the tender heart Amos truly had beneath his prickly exterior. When it becomes clear that Amos' murder might go uninvestigated, Charlotte sets out to expose his killer once and for all. "Marshmallow Murder" is filled with layered clues and cozy moments, written by Molly Maple, which is a pen name for a USA Today bestselling author.
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