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◆ “No One Was There For Me” ◆ You’ve moved on. At least, that’s what you tell yourself. People on the outside looking in might even think you’ve got life all figured out. But they don’t know how much it takes to hold it all together. And every once in a while, there’s that sudden burst of anger. Or deep depression and chronic health problems. That secret addiction or compulsive behaviors. That tendency for self-sabotage. And part of you knows, it all began a long time ago. Back when no one was there for you. In this refreshingly practical book, Dr. Jennifer Thomas reveals a simple tool, The Breathe Technique™, that can set you on the road to healing. You’ll discover how to: ✓ Be Honest with Yourself about Yourself ✓ Reclaim Your Power ✓ Experience Your Emotions ✓ Ask for Help ✓ Tell Your Story ✓ Healthy “Me” Time ✓ Embrace the Healing Process You can finally be free to become the absolute best version of yourself. Because it’s time for you to be there…for you.
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