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When she first entered the cave, the Viking believed the war goddess Freyja was there to have her first pick of the fallen and collect his slain body. But his eyes quickly strayed to where the torq around her neck should have been.


The goddess before him vehemently denies being Freyja and insists she has no intention of taking him anywhere. Vé, still not convinced, sees her wild story of being from a different timeline to reference Freyja’s afterlife Elysian field, Folkvangr, where she receives half of the slain heroes. What else would attract the war goddess to the place of his death?

Suzette dreams vividly but nothing like what she was experiencing. She was seeing the last moments of a Viking’s life. One, who it turns out, she spent a long time wondering and sometimes even dreaming about.

And it all felt too real.

Freyja had done something she never risked doing before; taken on the form of a mortal, all for the love of a man. Instead of collecting Vé’s dead body, she entered the dreams of a girl who dared to wonder about a man who was never meant to die. A swift tug and she’d brought her from the dream realm and through time, to when the nine worlds of Asgard were still regarded as true and the deities reigned supreme.

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