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Not all Queens need a King. As the youngest daughter of seven, Rosalyn never had the luxury of wearing pretty dresses like her sisters. From the moment of birth, she was kept hidden away, only to later be presented to the kingdom as the next male to rule after her late father, King Byron. With her coronation but a week away, bordering countries flocked to the castle in hopes of a match with Prince Stefan. Rosalyn wanted none of that. But as soon as Helena, the dragon princess, stepped through the doors of the great hall, a burning desire consumed her, setting into motion events that would turn her world upside down. Could her kingdom accept her as a ruling queen without a king, or would she be forced to renounce her title? But Rosalyn isn’t as concerned with that as she is about Helena finding out her true identity. Because as fated mates, would Helena reject her for being a woman?
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