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Fashionably Fake by Morgana Bevan

Pretending to be his girlfriend is a decision tailor-made for disaster. Ros Falling for a movie star is every fangirl's wildest dream, but in my world, celebrities like Jackson Levi don’t fall for broke fashion designers. But disaster has a way of stripping away illusions. He wants me to pretend to be his Hollywood sweetheart and save his reputation. I barely survived the summer without falling into his arms. How am I meant to hold onto my heart while playing his doting girlfriend for a year? Because I have no doubt, with stolen kisses and secret moments, the lines between pretend and reality will blur until all I see is a man whose magnetic charm might just spin our fake affair into something more. Jackson Every Hollywood player knows there's one role you'll never win — husband. Blinded by panic, a slip of the tongue might just work in my favour. I have one year to convince Roseline Butler what we have is more real than gossip rags and adoring fans. One year for this wild Scot to prove that his playboy days are over… and a forever kind of love is just getting started. She's always thought of me as a star, out of reach. Little does my darling Ros know, she's the one woman I was born to make shine. Fashionably Fake is a fake dating Hollywood romance with a Scottish hero, set in the Kings of Screen world. It can be read as a standalone.
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