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Can the new light of understanding chase away the darkness of hate? Faith No-Name is getting a second chance at life. For the past two years, her future—indeed, her very life—has been in the hands of a talented young attorney. Now that her life is no longer hanging in the balance, she must worry about her heart for she has done the unthinkable—she’s fallen in love with the handsome Irishman. She has survived the hangman’s noose, but can she survive knowing the unfortunate circumstances of her birth is a constant reminder of the terrible tragedy his family suffered at the hands of others who looked like her? Defending the dark-haired, doe-eyed young woman accused of murder has tested Liam O’Brien’s sense of justice in ways he never imagined. Every time he looks at her, he is reminded of the horrible raid that left his family dead. His heart is a dark tempest of rage, loathing and guilt that makes it impossible for him to see Faith No-Name as anything other than those she resembles despite his confusing feelings for her. The more he learns about her, the more his prejudices are challenged, but letting go of his anger is not an option. Anger is all he has left holding his world together. As Faith learns to stand tall and proud and accept who she is, Liam must learn to look past his hatred and explore his growing feelings for this beautiful young woman and accept her for who she really is, and in the end, that is a shock to them all.
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