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F*** My Brain! by Amir Shaheen


"F*** My Brain!" is a humorous and relatable book aimed at a young audience. The book delves into themes of belonging, society, and alienation, capturing the challenges of growing up between two cultures. Told with a lighthearted and engaging tone, the book explores the experiences of being a minority in a different country. Through easy-to-read narratives infused with humor, "F*** My Brain!" offers an insightful and entertaining journey for readers, as they navigate the complexities of identity, relationships, and cultural differences. In this book, he takes you on an unforgettable journey, humorously sharing what it's like to grow up between two cultures. Finding one's place amid such distinct cultures isn't always easy. Prepare yourself for a rare reading experience, and we can promise you one thing: This book is anything but boring.

"One of the Minds Behind the Netflix Success 'Home for Christmas'"

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